Connecting through Stories

Words, stories, and photos have always been sources of strength, inspiration, and connection. 

In middle school, reading books and writing in my diary kept me company when I — the quiet, country girl — struggled to make friends with the girls who grew up together in town. 

A scene from my family’s farm

Reading, writing poetry, and taking photos helped me survive the challenges of high school break ups and friendship drama. In college, my love for writing and photography led to internships, my first job, and, ultimately, a satisfying career as a writer, editor, and marketer.

As a new mother, writing personal essays helped me stay connected with myself while documenting some of our family’s story.

When working full time and earning a master’s degree left me feeling drained and disconnected, launching a book club ensured I read at least one book for pleasure and met with friends each month. 

When our lives were disrupted by the pandemic, books and photography kept my spirits up when I couldn’t see friends and extended family. I began reading more and getting more serious about sharing my landscape photos with others online.

Through sharing my photography on Twitter, I stumbled upon the wonderful writing, reading, and photography communities there. One of the things I learned while following the writing community is how important book reviews are to authors, especially independent authors. Learning this inspired me to be more consistent about reviewing the books I read.

Through this blog, Book Picks and Pics, I will share my book reviews and the stories behind some of my favorite photos. All photos on this site were taken by me unless noted otherwise.

I hope you enjoy!

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