Learning Astrophotography

As a lifelong learner, the best, most fulfilling days are the ones when I learn something new. There’s nothing as thrilling as the feeling you get from learning a new fact, making a discovery, or having an “Aha!” moment. I recently had the chance to be part of a magical learning experience as a participant in an Our State Magazine Photography workshop in the Outer Banks, led by two phenomenally talented photographers.

How to Level Up Your Photography Skills

One of the images I captured while taking a photo lesson with a professional landscape photographer. Three and a half years ago, I rediscovered my love for photography while standing in a Panera parking lot, watching an amazing sunset unfold. Since then, landscape photography has become a fulfilling side business, sparked this growing blog, taken … Continue reading How to Level Up Your Photography Skills

The Art and Architecture of Quebec City

My family took our first trip to Canada this summer, where we spent time in Quebec City, Quebec, and Halifax, Nova Scotia. Quebec City was our first stop, where we spent four nights at the Hotel Port Royal in the city’s historic center. Quebec City was unlike any other place I've traveled. The architecture in … Continue reading The Art and Architecture of Quebec City

History Lesson: The NC State Capitol Building

My husband, daughter, and I recently had a rare weekday off together. We decided to wander around downtown Raleigh, with the goal of finding a new spot for me to take some cityscape images.  Yet, we mysteriously ended up taking a self-guided tour of the state capitol building. I say it was a mystery but … Continue reading History Lesson: The NC State Capitol Building

Behind the Curtains at the House of Busatti Headquarters

One of the most inspiring things you can do as an artist is to develop an understanding of and appreciation for the process behind creative pursuits outside of your own field. From analyzing the colors to appreciating the techniques, there is always something new you can take away from experiencing art from different kinds of creators and makers.  

Finding Inspiration in the Sameness

Have you found yourself looking around for new ideas and coming up empty? It can be hard as an artist, creative, or business person to find creative ideas, especially when you need them most. One of the things I do when I’m stuck in a rut with my photography is to challenge myself to find … Continue reading Finding Inspiration in the Sameness