JC Raulston Arboretum

If you’ve followed my photography for more than a few days, you know flowers are one of my favorite photo subjects. The bold colors and joyful shapes are endlessly inspiring to me as a landscape photographer. Raulston Arboretum is one of my tried and true places to go for a quick flower photography session.

Saxapahaw, North Carolina

With a limited travel budget and an abundance of curiosity, my family of three is always in search of new day trip locations. Our most recent quest for adventure led us to explore Saxapahaw, N.C., a small, historic mill town about an hour’s drive from Raleigh. 

The Soulmate by Sally Hepworth

★★★★☆ Sometimes bad things happen in the most beautiful places. In this case, the beautiful place is a picturesque cliff overlooking the ocean outside Pippa and Gabe’s beachside cottage.  The cliff has become a popular place for people planning to jump to their deaths. Since moving in, Gabe has always been able to calmly talk…

Reminders of Him by Colleen Hoover

★★★★☆ I was in a rare reading slump, slogging through books I would normally enjoy and feeling unmotivated to read any of the promising books on my overflowing bookshelves. This Colleen Hoover book was exactly what I needed to jolt me right back into my love of reading.

Creativity When Everything Isn’t Coming Up Roses

It’s unavoidable – some days or weeks are harder than others. Despite our best efforts, things just don’t turn out the way we want. I recently had a week that was a pretty difficult one for me professionally. The week started with a painful rejection, rapidly progressed to include a mini-crisis that needed managing while…

All the Little Things by Sarah Lawton

★★★☆☆ Vivian is Rachel’s 15-year-old daughter. With a group of friends she hangs out with and an interest in exploring her sexuality, Vivian seems like your typical teenager. And, Rachel seems like a loving, albeit distant mom, who is too wrapped up in her own thoughts to notice just how different Vivian is from her…

History Lesson: The NC State Capitol Building

My husband, daughter, and I recently had a rare weekday off together. We decided to wander around downtown Raleigh, with the goal of finding a new spot for me to take some cityscape images.  Yet, we mysteriously ended up taking a self-guided tour of the state capitol building. I say it was a mystery but…

Frances and the Navajo: The Mystery of the Vanishing Bullets by Jon Jones

★★★☆☆ The Mystery of the Vanishing Bullets is an old-fashioned, cozy mystery. Frances is a young, cash-strapped woman who acts bravely to help an older man stay safe in the midst of an attack.  She later learns this nameless man, referred to as Navajo, is a detective. He invites her to help solve a murder…

The Brotherhood by J.E. Clarkson

★★★★★ The Brotherhood is the third installment in Clarkson’s crime detective series headlined by Kate Monroe. In book three, Monroe is helping to lead the Barnsworth murder squad while Detective Inspector Halifax is on medical leave.


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