The Abandoned House by Karen Louise Hollis


Abandoned house at sunset.
Abandoned housed in my hometown

Every house has a story. That’s one of the reasons I like photographing abandoned houses so much. The broken windows, chipped paint, and overgrown yards always make me wonder what the house was like in its glory days. So, when author Karen Louise Hollis offered me the chance to read her new novella focused on an abandoned house, I could hardly wait to dive in.

In this novella, Rebecca visits an abandoned house with her photographer friend, Max. While Max is photographing artifacts, Rebecca begins exploring the place and unexpectedly uncovers a clue about the former owners. Her encounter puts her and Max on a path to learning more about how the house came to be abandoned. As she finds out more about the former occupants, she makes some discoveries about herself along the way. 

While the storyline isn’t groundbreaking, this is a well-written, engaging, enjoyable read. It is like a great bedtime story or a story told sitting around the campfire — it can be absorbed in short spurts or all in one sitting. Either way, you will not want this tale to end. One of the best parts of the story is seeing how much Rebecca grows.

Thank you to Karen Hollis for providing a free ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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