Recovering Alice by Catherine Morrison


Recovering Alice by Catherine Morrison
Recovering Alice by Catherine Morrison

Equal parts romance and self-discovery, Recovering Alice tells the story of Alice Patterson’s struggle with alcohol addiction amidst a new relationship. Our main character meets Bob in a bar during a relapse and has to decide whether she can get her life back under control while dating someone new.

Bob has to decide whether he can trust Alice with his heart and a few secrets of his own.

The lead characters, especially Alice, are the perfect mix of flaws and likableness that have you both rooting for and relating to them. The cast of supporting characters includes a best friend and a young boy, both of whom add compassion and interest to the storyline.

This is my second read by Catherine Morrison. Like Waiting for Saturday, Recovering Alice deals sensitively with difficult subjects and gives hope to those who have suffered trauma. Both books are realistic with a positive slant.

Well-written and infinitely readable, Recovering Alice can easily be devoured to a satisfying conclusion in one or two sittings. I recommend this book for readers who enjoy Hallmark-movie-like storylines centered around a woman determined to find her strength.

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