Midnight Tales by Raven Kamali


A wonderful, eclectic collection of ten compelling short works, Midnight Tales contains a mix of genres, including mythology, horror, and even a fairytale.

Midnight Tales by Raven Kamali

The collection can easily be read one or two at a time or consumed all at once.  Like with any collection, there were some stories I found more engaging than others, but all were unique and memorable in their own way. 

Some left me longing for more and others created the feeling I would get something different out of them with each reading.  I also appreciated how the last story was told in the form of a poem.

Don’t Scream, which features a mysterious woman in red, was one of my favorites. It was perfect for reading on Halloween weekend, which is when I happened to finish reading the book.

Reading Kamali’s shorter works piqued my interest in her full-length novels. I’m definitely interested to see where a writer gifted with her imagination and versatility takes readers in longer works.

Midnight Tales is available through Amazon in e-book and paperback formats as well as through Kindle Unlimited.

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