Music in the Mirrors by Greg Kuznetsov


Music in the Mirrors by Greg Kuznetsov

Music in the Mirrors takes place in a  colorful fantasy kingdom of snow globes and mirrors – one that features a blowfish, a dalmatian, 5,857 worlds, and intoxicating purple lemonade.

The language is heavily metaphorical. There were times I read and enjoyed the observational, almost lyrical flow of this expansive collection of connecting acts and short stories. 

There were other times when reading this lengthy work was a struggle. I wasn’t always sure I understood all of the metaphors, which probably means I didn’t get the full depth of what the author was trying to convey.

Even though the book ultimately wasn’t for me, I appreciate the author’s creativity, vision, and strengths as a writer. 

I encourage you to read Music in the Mirrors for yourself and see what you glean from the lives of Rojo Cinnamon, Tolui, Magog the Dog King, Coki, and others. Perhaps the message will be clearer to you and resonate more than it did with me.

Thank you to the author for providing a free review copy. The thoughts expressed in this review reflect my honest opinions.

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