The Girl in the Window by Renee Pawlish


“…the perfect man I’d created in my mind, didn’t exist.”

Renee Pawlish, The Girl in the Window
The Girl in the Window by Renee Pawlish displayed on an Ipad mini.

Trapped in an unfulfilling life, Amber watches from the window as her neighbor’s good-looking husband, Caleb, leaves for work every morning. He knows she is watching and the two share knowing waves and glances. It’s the most exciting thing happening in Amber’s life aside from refusing to sign the divorce papers her abrasive estranged husband Rick served her with six months ago.

Amidst this sameness, Erin suddenly goes missing and nothing is as it seems in this idyllic neighborhood. Everyone, including Amber, becomes a suspect and she becomes obsessed with figuring out what happened to the woman whose life she envied.

This is my first read by Pawlish, an Amazon bestselling indie author who has published several series, including a mystery series featuring Reed Ferguson. I discovered The Girl in the Window through Prime Reading. I found it to be a solid, uncomplicated read that provides a good half-day’s worth of entertainment. 

The main character, the writing, and the plot were interesting yet not wholly unique or memorable. I appreciated that Amber grew through the course of the novel. However, I was a little turned off by the many unbelievable moments in the story. This mystery is worth a read but you shouldn’t expect to be blown away by inventive twists and turns.

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