Creativity When Everything Isn’t Coming Up Roses

It’s unavoidable – some days or weeks are harder than others. Despite our best efforts, things just don’t turn out the way we want.

I recently had a week that was a pretty difficult one for me professionally. The week started with a painful rejection, rapidly progressed to include a mini-crisis that needed managing while I filled in at the last minute for someone on a crucial project. It culminated in a departure of a valued team member as we faced some deadlines on a significant undertaking.

These events meant lots of working under pressure and late nights getting my work done after hours, leaving little time or energy for creative pursuits. However, I’ve found that it is exactly during the difficult weeks that we need the stress relief our creative outlets provide the most. 

So, how can you make time for creativity in the midst of the chaos? I have a few techniques I use to find time for photography when it seems impossible.

One of my go-to strategies is to combine a quick photo shoot with something I have to do anyway, like walking from my car into my office building. I keep a few lens attachments for my cell phone in my car to snap on for a 2-minute photo session of whatever I can find nearby, whether it be fall leaves or spring flowers. 

This week, it was these glorious dogwood blooms! It only took a few minutes to clip my macro lens on and capture and edit this image. And, after taking just a couple of snaps, I could instantly feel myself becoming less stressed and more centered.

Another technique I employ is to make use of any time I would normally spend waiting idly. Whether it be standing in the grocery line or waiting for others to log into the next meeting, we all have a few minutes here or there on the busiest of days that we just have to wait. 

When this happens to me, I use these moments to jot down blog post or caption ideas in the notes app on my phone or to try a new edit on an image through the Lightroom app. I’ve found this tactic to be a productive way to fit a snack size bit of creativity into even the most packed of schedules.

The next time you are in the midst of a week when everything isn’t coming up roses, try these tips and see if they help you de-stress and inject a little inspiration into a challenging time.

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  1. Keeping camera or lens in the car is a great idea for an impromptu shoot. I’ve never managed to get clip on lenses to stay on my phone/in the right position, so I’ve largely given up with those

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