Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan


Little Disasters was a recent library read of mine. There was something about the empty swing set on the cover that was haunting and gave me the impression this would be an exciting thriller read.

Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan
Little Disasters by Sarah Vaughan

The book had an element of mystery, but it wasn’t what I’d consider a mystery/thriller. It was more of a family drama that provided a window into the lives of Jess, an overwhelmed mother of three, and her friend, Liz. 

In Liz’s view, Jess has always seemed to be the perfect mother. However, Liz’s perspective changes when she is the doctor on call, and Jess brings her infant daughter, Betsey, into the ER with a head injury and a story that doesn’t quite add up.

A well-written, heartbreaking story, this novel explores the challenges of motherhood, mental illness, and how things are often not what they seem. Little Disasters serves as a good reminder that you never know what someone else is going through, no matter how together they seem.

I recommend the book because of the writing. The writing is emotionally captivating, and Vaughan tackles a difficult subject with realism and sensitivity. The pacing is engaging and appropriate for the story Vaughan is trying to tell.

However, I gave it 3-stars because it wasn’t the mystery story I was expecting, and the subject matter was difficult for this Mama to read.

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