Sunday Scene: Love Where You Live

A sunset view of a small lake through the trees.
The best sunset spot in my city

While books are the primary focus of this blog, I promised I would also share a bit about my other passion — photography. Every Sunday, I will share one of my favorite scenes and tell you about the shot.

This week’s image is from the absolute best place in my city  to go watch the sunset. The thing about this spot is that I have driven by it almost every day for 20 years, but I had NEVER visited until I started taking photos.

Discovering this place has been one of many things I’ve learned since I started doing landscape photography about two and half years ago. Since then, I’ve found countless other parks, public gardens, museums, and historic sites that I wouldn’t have known about if it hadn’t been for photography. I even discovered interesting things in my own backyard that I never knew were there. 

Fully exploring places, both the familiar and previously undiscovered, has been one of the most rewarding parts of my journey to becoming a better photographer.

What new discoveries have you made through your passion projects?

Photo taken with Canon Rebel T7i, ISO 400, f/11

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