The One by John Marrs


Will You Marry Me painted in a heart on a tree.

I found out about this sci-fi meets psychological thriller through a BookBub special. I was convinced to buy it because the premise of this book was fascinating. The concept of taking a DNA test to find your one true love was very intriguing. What if you are already happily married but not to your one true match? What if your one true match lives halfway around the world? 

I enjoyed reading all of the different scenarios the characters found themselves in after taking this “Ancestry DNA meets” test, although some of the scenarios the true matches found themselves in were pretty far-fetched.

My only criticism of the book is that there were a few too many characters to follow. With the stories of five different couples told through alternating viewpoints, it got a little confusing at times.

However, the inventive storyline and thought-provoking writing style were more than enough to make up for this drawback. I plan to check out more books by John Marrs.

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