Spontaneous Sunset View

Sunset on Topsail Island

This image was taken on Topsail Island on Mother’s Day weekend. My parents booked a stay there without realizing it meant they would be away on Mother’s Day. 

Feeling down after a particularly stressful week, I decided at the last minute to make the 6-hour round trip drive to see them so I could wake up with my Mama on Mother’s Day. 

We had so much fun during that brief visit that almost didn’t happen. One of my favorite parts was walking around the island with my Mama in search of the perfect sunset view. She doesn’t care anything about photography, but she knows how much joy it brings me to explore new places with my camera. We had so much fun talking to the people we met on the street and laughing at ourselves while we tried not to get lost. I’m so grateful for our photo walk and for the time we spent together on that quick trip. 

On this holiday weekend, I hope this striking sunset helps remind us all of the beautiful memories that can come from being spontaneous in big and small ways.

Canon Rebel T7i, ISO 400, f9.0, s 1/500

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