The Great Outdoors

Photo by Flash Mama Photography

I have a confession to make: I’m not really an outdoorsy person. Odd, I know, considering I’m a landscape photographer. But, up until I started taking nature photos in 2019, I was much more comfortable in the cozy, temperature-controlled indoors. I’d take occasional walks with my family and friends, and enjoy a few beach days here and there. However, if given the choice between spending time inside or outdoors, I could always find a reason to stay inside. 

In the summer, it’s too hot out there, I’d say. Alternatively, in the winter, my excuse was “I don’t own a coat.” The fall months always seemed too busy, while spring was written off as too pollen-y.

Over the last few years, I’ve realized how much I was missing out on by staying inside. The beauty of sunrises and sunsets are the most obvious things I wasn’t experiencing regularly. I was also missing out on endlessly interesting cloud formations. On butterflies dancing among wildflowers. On how a great blue heron presides over different spots at a local lake. On the way their unique bark patterns make each tree seem like it has its own personality.

Learning to love and enjoy time outside and in nature has been one of the greatest rewards of becoming a landscape photographer. I’ve replaced my excuses with photos of thousands of these wonderful moments — so many that a quick scroll through my phone would make you wonder if I actually live in a forest.

What has been the most unexpected reward for you as an artist?

2 thoughts on “The Great Outdoors

  1. It’s really nice to read that you’ve come to love spending time in nature. Walking in nature is wonderfully calming for me. As for my unexpected reward as an artist… I’d say that it was seeing my stories in printed books. I had dreams of becoming a writer, then those diminished as a turned to a career that earned money. Self-publishing gave the reward of getting my stories out in public — but that was through e-books. Then Amazon offered printed books, and I eagerly jumped at the chance. Seeing and touching the printed books were amazing, especially after I had figured it wasn’t going to happen.

    1. It’s awesome to hear that you’ve been able to make your dream of becoming a writer and publishing books come true! Thanks for sharing your story with me here.

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