The Cracked Reflection by Terry Geo


The cover of The Cracked Reflection diplayed on an e-reader propped on teal and green pillows.
The Cracked Reflection by Terry Geo

I almost always choose a full-length book over a novella, but lately, I have been enjoying novellas and short stories. Sometimes, a shorter read fits perfectly in the time I have available to read.

Novellas are especially satisfying when the writer packs a lot of action and character development into the shorter format. That’s exactly what happens in The Cracked Reflection.

In this sci-fi novella, Maria Braighton has an imaginary friend, Mr. Piggy, who creates havoc everywhere she goes. The story starts with Maria as a young child living with her wealthy parents and follows her into adulthood. 

This imaginative, sometimes petrifying, but never dull tale is incredibly enthralling – I read it all in one sitting. My interest is definitely piqued for Refraction, the full-length novel that follows The Cracked Reflection. I can not wait to see how the two books connect and to find out if any of my questions about Maria and Mr. Piggy get answered in the sequel.

The Cracked Reflection is available through Terry Geo’s Refracted World website.

Are you a fan of novellas? Or do you prefer full-length books?

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