Embryo Zero by Trevor Wynyard

★★★★☆ The second book in the dystopian fiction Streetlighters Trilogy, Embryo Zero again features brothers Matthew and Kevin Turner, along with a few new characters and familiar faces from the first book. The brothers are estranged as Matt takes Kevin’s place at university, and finds himself propelled into national hero status. Meanwhile, his younger brother makes a risky move in an attempt to have a different future for himself and his family.

Refraction by Terry Geo

★★★★★ Refraction by Terry Geo Based on the reviews and the Twitter hype, I had high expectations going into this book. In fact, I was so excited about it, I bought the e-version and the paperback so I would have my choice of formats when I was ready to enjoy. Refraction did not disappoint! With a … Continue reading Refraction by Terry Geo

The Cracked Reflection by Terry Geo

★★★★★ The Cracked Reflection by Terry Geo I almost always choose a full-length book over a novella, but lately, I have been enjoying novellas and short stories. Sometimes, a shorter read fits perfectly in the time I have available to read. Novellas are especially satisfying when the writer packs a lot of action and character … Continue reading The Cracked Reflection by Terry Geo

The Gene Solution by Mike Rochelle

4 out of 5 stars “The details mattered...He had found through work that lives hung in the details.”Mike Rochelle, The Gene Solution Mike Rochelle’s debut sci-fi thriller In The Gene Solution, Dr. Tripp Galloway and his partner, Dr. Mortimer (Morti) Stein, are the doctors and fertility specialists at a prominent OB/GYN practice in New York … Continue reading The Gene Solution by Mike Rochelle