Airlie Gardens

A few of the views in Airlie Gardens

If you’ve followed my photography for more than a few days, you’ll know that flowers are one of my favorite subjects. This year, to help feed my flower photography passion, we have made a point to explore more of the many botanical gardens in our state. 

Airlie Gardens, located on 67 acres in Wilmington, N.C., was the most recent botanical garden we explored. This historic garden, which was first formed in 1884, was restored as a public garden in the late 1990s.

We took a self-guided tour on a hot summer afternoon. Given the time of year and dry conditions, there wasn’t a lot in bloom when we visited. There were a few areas of Rudbeckia amidst the greenery and water features.

Despite the lack of colorful flowers, there was still a lot to see. We enjoyed seeing the massive live oaks, marshy views of Bradley Creek, and enchanting cement garden benches and pergolas. 

The picturesque Airlie Gardens has served as a backdrop for several films, such as 28 Days starring Sandra Bullock, and hit TV shows, including Dawson’s Creek and One Tree Hill.

As I learn more about flowers, I’d like to make a springtime visit to see these Southern gardens in full bloom.

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