The Other Mrs. By Mary Kubica


I bought this book through a BookBub special, despite already having an e-reader full of digital downloads. It caught my eye because of the author. Mary Kubica made me a fan of hers after I read The Good Girl a while back. Although its been a few years since I read it, the story structure and unexpected twists in The Good Girl left a lasting impression.

The Other Mrs. by Mary Kubica

While The Other Mrs. is absorbing, it didn’t have the same impact on me. The plot centers around a family who has just moved to an island in Maine to become caregivers for the husband’s teenage niece. 

For the first two-thirds of the book, the plot comes across a bit convoluted with seemingly disconnected characters and side stories thrown in. Then, it all suddenly starts making sense. I feel like I’ve read other books that have similar twists so the big reveal wasn’t so surprising. I did enjoy some of the smaller twists and I didn’t see them all coming.

Ultimately, I’m glad I downloaded this one, even though it wasn’t as good as my first read of hers. It was still a fast, engaging read – and Kubica’s writing was again sharply observant, particularly with the female characters. She did an excellent job making me feel Sadie, Mouse and Imogen’s emotions.

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