Welcome to the Punkhorns by Benjamin Bradley

4 out of 5 stars

Sometimes you need a good mystery book! I found just that in this book by Benjamin Bradley, where three people vanish in The Punkhorns, an undeveloped forest on the edge of Brewster, Massachusetts. 

The cover of Welcome to the Punkhorns by Benjamin Bradley

Detective Delaney Shepard and Casper Kelly, a PI with supernatural experience, partner to figure out what really happened in the mysterious Punkhorns. 

I liked many things about this book, which is the first in a series featuring Shepard and Kelly. One of the things I appreciated most was the subtle humor woven into a story where serious events transpire. I found it particularly hilarious that Bradley named one of the main characters Casper in a story with paranormal themes. 

I also enjoyed the references to writing and reading – it always makes me chuckle when an author incorporates their craft in stories. The mention of North Carolina  – mine and the author’s home state – was a bonus for me. 

Lastly, I enjoyed the setting. With their lore and Bermuda Triangle-like mystique, The Punkhorns were almost a character of their own in this easy-reading thriller.

Overall, Welcome to the Punkhorns is gripping, though I would have enjoyed more character development. Perhaps that is waiting for me in the next installment in the series, which I plan to check out the next time I need a quirky little mystery.

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