All the Little Things by Sarah Lawton

★★★☆☆ Vivian is Rachel’s 15-year-old daughter. With a group of friends she hangs out with and an interest in exploring her sexuality, Vivian seems like your typical teenager. And, Rachel seems like a loving, albeit distant mom, who is too wrapped up in her own thoughts to notice just how different Vivian is from her peers. The two start accumulating secrets until things start to unravel.

What Lies in the Woods by Kate Alice Marshall

★★★★☆ When she was eleven, Naomi Shaw survived a brutal murder attempt that occurred one summer night when she and her childhood best friends, Olivia and Cassidy, were playing a made-up game in the woods. The trio banded together and, with Naomi’s brave eyewitness testimony, they helped bring a serial killer to justice for stabbing her seventeen times that night.

The Personal Assistant by Kimberly Belle

★★★☆☆ I picked this book up at the airport to read during a long plane ride. As someone who has been working to grow the social media following for my photography and book review blog, I chose it based on the premise. I thought it would be interesting to read a thriller that explores the dangers of a regular person sharing their everyday life online for millions to see.

Blood Sugar by Sascha Rothchild

★★★★☆ Ruby Simon is a Yale-educated, happily married psychotherapist living in her hip hometown of Miami with her diabetic husband Jason and their two pets. One day she suddenly finds herself in an interrogation room accused of murdering Jason. Opening with a scene from when she was five, the book reveals Ruby’s murderous history through … Continue reading Blood Sugar by Sascha Rothchild