The Family Game by Catherine Steadman


The Family Game by Catherine Steadman

Novelist Harriet “Harry” Reed has just gotten engaged to the handsome, charming Edward Holbeck. As the holidays and a major manuscript deadline approach, Harriet braces herself to meet Edward’s estranged family for the first time while keeping her career on track.

One of the richest families in New York, the Holbecks are an eccentric group, with bizarre traditions unlike those of any other family. Harry is immersed in their family games almost immediately after meeting the first member of the Holbeck clan. 

Things get even weirder for Harry when Edward’s father, Robert, asks her to listen to a recording of a book he’s been working on and swears her to secrecy about the book’s contents.

When her future father-in-law’s audiobook starts to sound more like a confession, Harry wonders what is really going on and who she can trust in this competitive, backstabbing family. Is this another family game? Or, has Robert really committed a murder?

While the storyline in this thriller was unique, it veered into outlandish territory at times. Still, I was intrigued and wanted to see Harriet’s story through. And, while I did guess the major twist, I didn’t see it coming too many chapters before it was revealed.

While the storyline held my attention and I was able to suspend belief in the most unbelievable parts, the attraction Harry felt toward Robert was a turnoff for me. It was unnecessary and didn’t add much to the storyline in my opinion.

Even with the implausible parts, I’m glad I read this book. It provided great weekend entertainment and made me even more grateful for my own family’s quirky yet tame holiday traditions.

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