Emma’s Fury by Linda Rainier


“The struggle to keep her feelings of remorse or empathy at bay weighs heavily on her.  While they are not human, she often fights with herself to believe that they are truly monsters.”

Linda Rainier, Emma’s Fury

Based on ancient Greek mythology, this book centers on Emma, who is reincarnated as a Fury after her savage death. Protected by a Gyges, a Fury exists to serve justice and preserve harmony between humans and the supernatural world.

Through a story revolving around mythological beings that shouldn’t experience human feelings, Emma’s Fury: The Last Winter presents an interesting perspective on ethics, human nature, and the impact an individual’s actions have on others.

The cover of Emma's Fury by Linda Rainier

Rainier is a talented writer, particularly when it comes to writing hand-to-hand combat scenes. With werewolves, vampires, mythological creatures, forbidden love, and unexpected betrayals, this book was never boring. I appreciated her decision to put descriptions of mythological beings at the front to help orient the reader right from the start.

“The whole of our lives are a collection of minute actions in the smallest of moments.  Each act or decision we make causes a ripple effect moving out and away from us, touching all that surround us.”

Linda Rainier, Emma’s Fury

Although this book has a number of strengths, I gave it 3 stars because it was a little too dark and violent for my personal preference. The main character, Emma, spends a fair amount of time in torturing pain, which became difficult for me to read as the narrative progressed.

I encourage you to check out Emma’s Fury for yourself, particularly if you like mythology and can handle explicit violence. Many readers will find this book to be an excellent match for their tastes and interests.

Thank you to Linda Rainier for providing a free electronic review copy in exchange for my honest opinion. The book can be purchased on Amazon.

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