The Personal Assistant by Kimberly Belle


I picked this book up at the airport to read during a long plane ride. As someone who has been working to grow the social media following for my photography and book review blog, I chose it based on the premise.

The Personal Assistant by Kimberly Belle
The Personal Assistant by Kimberly Belle

I thought it would be interesting to read a thriller that explores the dangers of a regular person sharing their everyday life online for millions to see.

In this case, Alex is a wife and mother of twins with a growing social media brand dedicated to sharing unscripted moments of her family’s life. After a night of drinking with AC, one of Alex’s posts starts spiraling out of control. When Alex contacts her personal assistant AC for help cleaning up the mess, AC is nowhere to be found. Things really get creepy when someone turns up dead.

The book gave me what I wanted, which was a twisty, suspenseful tale with a social media-driven plot. Although the story was interesting the book has its flaws. I struggled with the book’s structure and the lack of character development. The story starts out from Alex’s perspective and flips to Patrick’s and AC’s perspectives. The three different voices weren’t established well enough for me to distinguish between the three POVs. I also had a hard time relating to any of the characters which is always a disappointment for me when reading.

Despite these flaws, I was interested enough to want to find out what happened and I was surprised by one of the events that occurred toward the end.

This book served its purpose for me but isn’t one I’ll likely remember in a few months.

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