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Angel Killer has a highly original premise, which is hard to find these days in the crime thriller genre. Just when it seemed like everything has been done and overdone in fiction books about the FBI investigating a serial killer, Andrew Mayne pulls a rabbit out of his hat with this fantastic read.

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A former magician, Jessica Blackwood is riding a desk job at the FBI when she is called in to help investigate a baffling murder. Her background as an illusionist is just what the FBI needs to get inside the mind of a serial killer who calls himself the Warlock. 

I was completely drawn in by Jessica’s character. I enjoyed her unique approach to crime-solving. Her backstory as the daughter and granddaughter of magicians and her interactions with her mysterious friend Damien added interest.

I enjoyed Angel Killer so much that, after I finished, I immediately downloaded the next book in the Jessica Blackwood series. I am looking forward to reading what challenges she faces in Name of the Devil.

After I read Angel Killer, I learned from a friend that Mayne, who got his start in publishing as a bestselling indie author, has a background as an illusionist. This makes sense because the magic techniques are explained so well in the book.

I have read one other of Mayne’s books, The Naturalist featuring Theo McCray. It was also an interesting read but, so far, I’d give the edge to the Jessica Blackwood series. 

Mayne’s books can be found on Amazon in a variety of formats. Several of his books are available for free in digital format via Prime Reading.

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