The Brotherhood by J.E. Clarkson

The Brotherhood by J.E. Clarkson on a mobile phone lying on a starry blanket.


The Brotherhood is the third installment in Clarkson’s crime detective series headlined by Kate Monroe. In book three, Monroe is helping to lead the Barnsworth murder squad while Detective Inspector Halifax is on medical leave. 

“The web of connections appeared to become ever more tangled.”

J.E. Clarkson, The Brotherhood

We learn more about Monroe’s life as her investigation explores the depths of The Brotherhood, a mysterious organization with bloody corporate and political ties. Her conversations and interactions with her mother add an interesting personal element to the story.

An intriguing, fast-paced read, the book features short chapters which keep the action moving in bursts.

The versatile Clarkson demonstrates again why she is an automatic buy for me whenever she releases a new book. Whether it is her dystopian sci-fi Nemo and Co. series or the Kate Monroe books, she never fails to keep me guessing. 

I recommend reading this series in order as there are spoilers for the previous books, particularly The Lamb, in the beginning. I sincerely hope there’s a book 4!

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