Frances and the Navajo: The Mystery of the Vanishing Bullets by Jon Jones


The Mystery of the Vanishing Bullets is an old-fashioned, cozy mystery. Frances is a young, cash-strapped woman who acts bravely to help an older man stay safe in the midst of an attack. 

Frances and the Navajo: The Mystery of the Vanishing Bullets.

She later learns this nameless man, referred to as Navajo, is a detective. He invites her to help solve a murder case involving a bullet that appears to have vanished into thin air. 

The pair make a Holmes and Watson-like team, as they try to solve a case that has eluded police for thirteen months. Navajo uses his mystical abilities to deduce things from the smallest of clues. He shares some of his observations with Frances but also gives her space to figure things out on her own to help her expand her sleuthing skills.

Although the novella has a few grammatical errors, the story is an intriguing read. I was left wondering if Jones was setting the reader up for a detective series featuring Navajo and Frances working together to solve more mysteries.

I, for one, hope Jones continues these characters in a series. I think it would be fantastic to see Frances and his writing abilities continue to grow.

Thank you to the author for asking me to read the book and for providing a complimentary review copy. The opinions expressed in this review reflect my honest opinion.

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