Secrets They Never Told by Kayla Hicks


Secrets They Never Told by Kayla Hicks is a heartwarming story about 18-year-old Sadi who is preparing for a new stage in her life after the tragic death of her parents.

Sadi is a lovable character – you can’t help but want her to find peace and happiness. Her best friend, Parker, is also an endearing character. Everyone needs someone like him in their lives.

The cover of the book Secrets They Never Told by Kayla Hicks.
Secrets They Never Told by Kayla Hicks

I guessed one of the major secrets early in the story but thinking I knew didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story. It made me want to read on to see if I was right and, if so, how it would be revealed.

I’ve read five of Hicks’s books, and Secrets They Never Told is my favorite to date. She writes in a wide variety of genres in addition to YA, including children’s books and superhero stories.

Characters like Sadi and Lena from Anywhere Else are a strength of her writing. Hicks writes well the perspective of a young woman finding her way despite facing challenges early in life. There’s a vulnerability and quiet strength that comes through in these characters.

I recommend this book for readers who are fans of easy-reading books with a satisfying resolution that tugs on the heartstrings. It is a perfect read for a weekend when you want to be uplifted or just enjoy a sweet story.

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