The Perfect Ruin by Shanora Williams


I downloaded this book from Libby during a recent trip because it was immediately available, and the tropical image on the cover gave me vacation vibes. It turns out that the palm tree and the colors on the cover were the best part of this book.

While it was the quick, mindless read I was seeking for vacation, I struggled to get through some parts because the writing wasn’t great. The multiple POVs were handled in a very jarring way, with a sudden shift to a new narrator after the halfway point.

The plot also felt like a rerun. If you’ve read The Last Mrs. Parrish, the “befriend-your-rich-worst-enemy” plot will seem very familiar. 

I didn’t connect with Ivy, the main character, at all. She seemed whiny and entitled, which made it hard to root for her to get revenge, particularly since it was revealed so late in the book why she was seeking revenge in the first place. The rest of the characters were equally cringe.

I was also put off by the typos in the book – it needed more thorough editing. For example, the name of one of the main characters was inconsistently spelled throughout the book. Sometimes it was even spelled differently on the same page!

Overall, this book was nothing special. It doesn’t leave a lasting impression nor does it make me want to read other books by the author.

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