What Never Happened by Rachel Howzell Hall


What Never Happened by Rachel Howzell Hall.

What Never Happened. Hmm. Well, liking this book is one thing that never happened to me. 

I never connected with the main character, Colette “Coco” Weber, which felt strange since she had all the makings of a sympathetic character.

As a child, Coco was the only survivor of a deadly home invasion that killed her entire family. She now writes obituaries for her hometown paper, owned by her college best friend. When elderly women start disappearing from Catalina, Coco begins to believe there’s a serial killer on the loose.

The premise of this book, which I picked up for free as an Amazon Prime First Read, was fascinating. However, the odd behavior and eccentricities of the main character made it hard for me to care about what was happening to her in the book. 

“Guilt demands ransom even though you’re broke, and it demands that you keep it company even though it’s fused to every molecule in your body.”

Rachel Howzell Hall, What Never Happened

Unfortunately, the book fizzled after starting off strong. The plot was confusing, and the book dragged despite being full of family drama and mysterious moments. I almost gave up on this book a few times but pushed through, and it never improved.

Although it wasn’t the book for me, I encourage you to read it. You might be among the many who enjoyed it. 

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