Embryo Zero by Trevor Wynyard


The second book in the dystopian fiction Streetlighters Trilogy, Embryo Zero again features brothers Matthew and Kevin Turner, along with a few new characters and familiar faces from the first book.

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The brothers are estranged as Matt takes Kevin’s place at university, and finds himself propelled into national hero status. Meanwhile, his younger brother makes a risky move in an attempt to have a different future for himself and his family. 

Perhaps because the brothers are older and more hardened than in The Humane Algorithm, book two is darker, more graphic, and grittier than I remember the first book being. While the same dystopian systems are in place, Embryo Zero tackles subjects such as the power of genetics, the effects of genetic manipulation, and the nature versus nurture debate more overtly.

“Nurture and care can only take a child so far. You need an enabler in order to prosper.”

Embryo Zero, Trevor Wynyard

Like with book one, Wynyard again inserts a vivid, emotional, and memorable scene that pays homage to how men see mothers. This time the moving scene involves an expectant mother as she gives birth.

The plot involves each brother suffering a devastating loss and yet another betrayal is revealed. As a result, Embryo Zero ends in a way that sets book 3 up to go in many different directions. 

Will the Turner brothers’ relationship fracture again under the weight of their differences as it has so many times before? Or will they join forces against the corruption and interference that has affected their lives and altered society? One thing is certain – I will be reading so I can find out.

Thank you to the author for providing a free review copy in exchange for my honest opinion of the book. Wynyard’s books can be found on Amazon and on his website, https://www.trevorwynyard.com/

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