The Io Project by J.E. Clarkson


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Callie Sullivan headlines The Io Project, a new sci-fi series by J.E. Clarkson. In book one, Sullivan accepts the opportunity to work with the renowned Horatio Brookes, an inventor and philanthropist, on an environmental project after climate change starts having an accelerated impact. 

The book opens with a foreboding introduction, followed by Callie recounting her experience working with on the Io Project.

After reading the Nemo and Co. series, some of the themes and mechanisms in the Io Project feel familiar. Both series have sinister uses of technology, mirages, and rampant mistrust. However, even when she revisits themes from her previous works, she still manages to surprise. And there are enough differences in the plots and characters that it doesn’t feel like a rerun. 

“As I walked into the darkness, I had the distinctive feeling my life would never be the same.”

J.E. Clarkson, The Io Project

Catchy descriptions, like “the greasy pole of success,” were one of my favorite things about the Io project. As always, I enjoyed the many twists and turns that Clarkson, one of my auto-buy authors, includes in her writing. 

I am looking forward to the next book in the series. It will surely be a wild, unpredictable ride for Callie and readers alike.

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