The Wife Upstairs


I’ve been on an escapist thriller reading spree lately. With their Dateline-inspired storylines, I haven’t been able to get enough of creepy, relationship-gone-wrong novels this summer.

The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins
The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

Having recently raced through Reckless Girls, when I ran across The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawken at Target, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to grab it as part of one of their paperback book sales.

In this suspenseful tale, Jane walks dogs in Thornfield Estates, an upscale neighborhood in Birmingham, Alabama, where she often casually lifts jewelry and expensive knick-knacks from her uber-rich clients. Jane has been unlucky for most of her life, but her fortunes turn when she meets the handsome and recently widowed Eddie, who seems to be taken with her. 

Or has her luck changed at all? As she gets closer to Eddie and tries to befriend the women of Thornfield Estates, she learns more about Eddie’s stunning, successful late wife, Bea. Jane, who has secrets of her own, slowly starts to feel the thorns in Thornfield.

This Southern Gothic story, loosely based on the classic Jane Eyre, is deliciously twisted. I loved the southern setting and how Hawken kept me guessing about many characters. 
The story has some far-fetched elements, but the outlandish parts made it so shockingly fun to read.

The next time I pass a perfectly landscaped high-end neighborhood, I’ll wonder what’s really going on inside.

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  1. I love reading thrillers, especially in the summer. I also think the outlandish parts are part of what makes a fun thriller. It’s the same way with soap operas. Total fun and escapism!

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