Heir of Blood and Secrets by Linda Xia

This dystopian YA murder mystery is told from the perspective of Scylla Delevan, a 16-year-old daughter of a magistrate in Devovea. Despite their difficult relationship, when Scylla’s father is accused of murder, she goes on a quest to prove his innocence. Her loyalties are challenged and she uncovers a number of secrets along the way.

The Alchemy Thief by R.A. Denny

The first in the Pirates and Puritans series, The Alchemy Thief has an ambitious, intricately woven plot that spans centuries and continents. Experience “Peri” Fuller is about to start her studies at Harvard when she discovers an ancient hairpin in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. She becomes intrigued by the symbol … Continue reading The Alchemy Thief by R.A. Denny

The Man and the Crow by Rebecca Crunden

In this short story, what starts off as a seemingly ordinary evening for Jessica, a part-time sales clerk at a hardware store, takes a shocking turn.  Jessica arrives home to the flat she shares with Clara, the odd roommate she barely tolerates, and makes her way through Clara’s various housepets. Jessica stumbles into a horrific … Continue reading The Man and the Crow by Rebecca Crunden

Refraction by Terry Geo

★★★★★ Refraction by Terry Geo Based on the reviews and the Twitter hype, I had high expectations going into this book. In fact, I was so excited about it, I bought the e-version and the paperback so I would have my choice of formats when I was ready to enjoy. Refraction did not disappoint! With a … Continue reading Refraction by Terry Geo